Written By Contributor Ron Foresta

The establishment is getting desperate – First it’s Racism – Then it’s Russians – Seriously – Let’s face it, they’ll blast anything all over the news to try and undermine Trump’s efforts to revamp our failed and traitorous trade and immigration policies. One thing that has become clearly evident during this entire election process is that both parties, the corrupt manipulative media and their masters just consider the American people to be collateral damage in their game of globalization and cheap wages. Unfortunately, there are still too many typical predictable dramatic over-the-top intolerant hypocritical liberals out there – Calling anyone who has a different opinion than them uneducated racists, bigots, Nazis or KKK – Seriously – This overly dramatic nonsense is ridiculous. Then you’ve got the corrupt manipulative media stirring the pot and paid subversives inciting violence in order to polarize and distract the American public. Wanting trade and immigration policies that will put the best interests of our own US CITIZENS first and foremost, especially our veterans is not racist or socialist – It’s common sense, if you’re American of any race, creed or gender. When are these idiots going to wake the heck up? – All of this media driven madness is nothing but another tactic of polarization and distraction. Let’s face it – If it wasn’t for Trump, our bought and paid for puppet politicians and media would still be talking about peripheral social issues rather than the core economic issues facing the American people, the real American economy and the future of our country. It’s called polarize and distract – But, thankfully most Americans aren’t buying it anymore. Anyone with half a brain knows that we cannot trust or believe the corrupt manipulative media, who is owned and controlled by Wall Street FreeTraitors, international corporations and foreign interests that are responsible for the traitorous trade and immigration policies that have destroyed the real American economy and the economic future of the American people. If anyone thought that evil-unethical-disingenuous-dishonest-power-monger-puppet Hillary Clinton was ever going to do anything to help the American People, the real American economy or the security of our country, they were sadly mistaken and delusional.

Establishment puppet politicians, corrupt manipulative media pundits and their masters can put their BS in a box, gift wrap it and even put a bow on top, but fortunately most Americans can still smell what’s inside. For the last 25-years our government has allowed and enabled our country’s industries to get sucked out to countries like communist China, India, Mexico, etc and allowed illegal aliens and H1B/H2B foreign visa workers to continue to pour into our country and take away income-tax-paying American’s jobs and drive down wages. Good news for the American People would be more full time jobs with occasional wage increases and without getting healthcare benefits taken away – And we all know that that’s not happening. NEWS FLASH: Our leaders are supposed to be elected by the citizens of the United States of America to represent the interests of those citizens and the country itself – They are not supposed to be representing Wall Street, lobbyist, international corporations, the global marketplace (WTO, NAFTA, TPP, KORUS), foreign citizens, foreign interests or illegal aliens – And it’s about time that all of our so called leaders started honoring that fact. Enough of the puppet politicians that are proponents of the importation of foreign H1B/H2B visa workers, are vague/deceptive on illegal “immigration” and are for the outsourcing of American jobs and industries – That’s bad enough, but now we’re taking in questionable “refugees” from other countries where they hate us and are intolerant of our freedoms, cultures, faiths and women’s rights – This crap has got to stop!

Clearly what the American people want and need are trade and immigration policies that will put the best interests of our own US CITIZENS and country first and foremost, especially our veterans. As it stands right now, Trump is the only hope for the American People, the real American economy and the future of our country – Trump could be just sitting back right now and enjoying his life as a very wealthy person, but instead he’s doing this.