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PLEASE NOTE: Below the downloads of Episode 728 is a copy of the full episodes of the previous two days shows, episode’s 726 and 727 in mp3 format. These are the only versions of those episodes I have but thought that many who were unable to download them would also like to be able to download or listen to them as well.

Caravan To Midnight Episode 728

In this edition we welcome Dan Johnson and Joseph Meyer. John and Dan discuss what becomes of tax money; as Johnson explains in detail how tax dollars work and where they go; the good and bad outcomes of dependency on government and more. We then bring Joseph Meyer back on board to speak of the Financial realm and world events; terror attacks and the financial outcome, the trends of the S&P 500 and how it effects us, as well as some handy advice on your spending.

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Caravan To Midnight Episode 726
Wednesday April 19th 2017


Caravan To Midnight Episode 727
Thursday April 20th 2017

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