Truth Is Liberty is dedicated to providing you with news that the main stream media puppets will not tell you. We are a group of like minded, critical thinking Americans who love our country and wish to live by the Constitution and doctrines set forth by the founding fathers of this great nation. We are the new media, the alternative media, the peoples media. We are citizen journalists and we do not condone violence nor do we encourage it, instead we wage our war, our revolution on the corruption with words.

The staff of Truth Is Liberty has done countless hours of research into materials you find on this website. We have studied the history of the United States and the world abroad and we are not happy with what we have discovered. Our focus is to increase the awareness of the American people so that they may better understand that what they believed to be true about this great country is in fact lies and deceit.

Much of the information and materials found within this website will shock you and may even scare you a bit. But we do not wish to scare you but to make you aware of these things and encourage you to do more research on your own into these various subjects. we are sure that once you start to research and study this information you will understand as we do that if we do not stop this madness and stop it soon, this great nation will fall into communism and fascism as so many other nations have. If the main stream media or government dismisses something as a “conspiracy theory” then you must take that with a grain of salt and investigate it further. You will find that much of what you are being told is nothing more than propaganda meant to keep you dumbed down and unaware of what the puppets pulling the strings behind the curtain are really doing.

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